Tyler Barks
Tyler BarksPhotographer & Videographer

About Me

I am a photographer, videographer and musician from Scottsdale, Arizona. I have been building my fan base and skills for over 8 years and have generated over 7 million views for clients all around the world including myself. My hobbies are hiking, traveling, sports and experiencing the adventures of life.

I am a hard worker and have been working for myself since I was 14 when I first started a freelance graphic design company in middle school which grew into a career of music, video production and photography. Building my skills, I have won multiple awards working with amazing clients and people.

Meaning Behind DreamCreateStrive!

Dream, Create, Strive describes chasing your dreams, creating them into a reality and striving for more in life. I launched this brand/motto to inspire people from all around the world to never stop dreaming and creating your dreams into a reality. You can achieve anything in life if you believe and work hard.

Services I Offer

No request is too big or too small for my level of expertise. Learn about some of my services.

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