In this video I talk about the Came TV Optimus Gimbal and some of its features. Giving my opinion on CameTV’s new gimbal which is a predecessor to the popular Came Single. After a lot of research and testing I picked up the Optimus and highly recommend it to everyone looking to pick up a gimbal. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back with you!

CameTV recently came out with a new gimbal called the optimus. It is very similar to the CameTV single but with upgrades that truly take it to another level in my opinion. The optimus is a tool less ready to use out of the box gimbal for cameras up to 2.6 lbs.

It has a pistol grip style one hand operation or you can attach it to a two handed rig which some included. Most people fly there GH4 or A7rs but I attached my Canon T3i and had amazing results. Very smooth easy to use and simple to operate which is everything you need from a gimbal. I do a lot of quick run and gun shoots and a lot of times do not have the time to set up or carry big equipment.

They have 3 easy modes to operate the gimbal that will follow your movements lock it in for shooting or keep in in one position no matter where you move the gimbal. All 3 are easily accessible by pushing the button 1 2 or 3 times. It will beep two times and then that mode is set in. Manual mode with the joystick will always be accessible in any of the modes. It is relatively light as and comes packed in an awesome waterproof hard case with two batteries that last 10 hours each.

I have yet to recharge the batteries in over two weeks of shooting while traveling.A few other brands have them built into the handles or they only last a few hours which could restrict your filming quite a bit. Everything feels quality and the details that CameTV put into this gimbal really shows. You are able to spin the gimbal 360 degrees as long as you don’t have a long lens on and you can switch into inverted mode just by rotating it. No more powering off the having to set it up.

It has a joystick on the pistol grip that you can control the gimbal and it comes with a remote to change modes and control the gimbal as well. If you use it with two hands you can have control over it while you are flying it as they placed it near the handle. Also it has a tripod mount on the bottom and they included a little fold up tripod that is amazing. I usually just leave it on while shooting so I can set it down with ease. This is a tool less gimbal so while balancing your camera you just tighten the quick locks to lock it in place. It usually only takes me a minute or two to balance the camera and I am up and flying. It also only comes with a really nice waterproof hard case to protect it for your travels. For the price point and quality I highly recommend this gimbal for anyone looking to get super smooth shots. This is my first I have purchased of the motorized gimbals but have used a lot of others.

You can literally pull this out of the box, balance your camera and you are ready to go. There are a lot more specs on there website with a bunch of details but I like to keep my review short sweet and to the point. If you have any more advanced questions leave them in the comments below or head over to there website