Genustech Eclipse ND Filter:

Finding that unique angle or style, you need to have the right equipment. Filters are something that every photographer should have in his bag. The Genustech Eclipse ND Filter is a variable filter, allowing you to easily adjust between approximately 2 – 8 stops, so the need to carry extra equipment is a thing in the past.

All you have to do is twist the filter to adjust more or less light into your camera. This allows you to shoot long exposures during the day, blur objects for a unique look and smoothing out your time-lapses. In this article I will be talking about how it works and why I highly recommend it for amateur to professional photographers/videographers.

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About the Genustech Eclipse ND Filter:

Genustech designed this filter to perfection in my eyes. The frame is metal and rotating filter slides smooth while running through the stops. Where the Eclipse Filter shines is within the quality glass they use. This Eclipse Filter that does not hue or soften your images like their competitors. They have dashes on the side ranging from min to max so you can easily dial in and remember what settings you were shooting at.

Cheap ND (Neutral Density) filters basically give you cheap and soft photos. You get what you pay for with photography/video equipment so if you are serious about generating nice sharp photos you need to pay up, but pay smart. This filter is affordably priced, letting you buy a premium product while not breaking your bank. It is a powerful tool and capturing a couple images correctly, it pays for itself.

As primarily a lifestyle and landscape photographer, the easier equipment is to use in the field the better, and a variable filter is the way to go. I use it on my 10 – 18mm ultra wide angle lens and the color from this filter is remarkable. Most cheap filters will add a strange yellow or green hue to your photos leaving you with a lot of post editing or unusable photos. Shooting with this exclusively for a month I have not had one photo with a strange yellow or green hue.

While shooting with almost any filter your auto-focus will have trouble grabbing your scene since it is shooting in low light. You will have to flip over into manual mode to get your scene to pull focus correctly. This product is the best filter I have personally used and I highly recommend it to anyone in search for a filter. It has already paid for itself with the test shots I have shown on this page.

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About the Company:

Genustech is award winning photography and video equipment company based out of Hong Kong. They have a great support team, customer service and high quality products that stand out from their rivals.