Ho Stevie Website

Today I wanted to cover another awesome accessory for your gopro. Now the Ho Stevie mouth mount was designed with surfers in mind to capture some hands free shots while out in the ocean.

But with that being said this mount has so much more potential for basically anything you are doing so you can be hands free. One of the biggest tricks when shooting is to put your GoPro against your mouth for a more stable shots reducing the shake of your hands.

Ho Stevie designed this mouth mount to actually record upside down. Now the one thing I have noticed is if you do not have a floaty attached with the mount it can get shaky if you are doing some with a lot of fast motion. Now Ho Stevie sells a floaty they make on their website for under $10 and as you can see putting it on the floaty on the back door besides saving your GoPro if it falls in the water actually braces the GoPro against your chin stabling your shot even better. So I would highly recommend picking that up as well.

A very unique thing is that you get to customize your mount on the HoStevie website. You can choose from a bunch of different colors and make it your own which I have not seen personally for other GoPro accessories which is cool.

It comes with the main mount and aluminum thumbscrew which I was to say is really high quality and nice. You are not getting cheap plastic and weak materials. The mouthpiece is a nice material feels like a snorkel and has an open breathing hole right down the center. Also you can add on a leash that clips right to your wetsuit for some extra protection as an add on.

I highly recommend you check it out for yourself and see if it is a great fit. It has definitely been added into my camera bag especially since it is so compact! This is a great quality item if you’re on a budget and into hands free shooting!