Today I am doing a review on the HSU Selfie Stick. This selfie stick is made by a company called HSU. This product caught my eye as it is way more than just a selfie stick. Included in the box was a phone mount, GoPro mount, ¼ tripod head mount, a clip on remote holder and a little mini tripod to screw into the bottom of the pole that can turn this stick into a monopod.

The build is fantastic all the mounts are high quality, the metal tripod is amazing. The wrist strap you can take on and off which is a neat feature so you can screw in the tripod into the bottom. It allows has a clip on holder for your GoPro remote so you can snap photos without the timer.

I have been using GoPro poles for a long time now but this one allows you to branch over into using your other gear on it as well.

It has 3 twist locks to extend the pole to your desired length and once they are locked in they don’t slip like some cheaper made poles.

Also, a lot of poles are made with two twist locks 2 twist locks which can get annoying as the pole does not collapse down as much so it is hard to fit into backpacks so I appreciate the details they put into the pole.

When collapsed down it is 15 inches and extends up to 44 inches for great wide angle shots

While I was out shooting I really loved the monopod feature. With other poles that I own and use I always have to try to rest it on an object but with the handy little tripod to mount on the bottom I would recommend this pole just for that.

It is a solid pole made of aluminum alloy even the GoPro head and it is a waterproof design for all you water sports users or vacations at the beach. Just make sure if you use any poles or equipment in salt water to rinse it off before letting dry. Also with any selfie pole make sure to extend the pole all the way out to dry after getting wet.

Overall this is probably one of my favorite poles to date, mostly because it is not limited to just a selfie stick but rather a multiple functional pole.

For some of you that just love to bring only your GoPro on adventures, this will actually allow you the creative freedom to do more than just selfie shots but selfie shots are what make this product still.

When shooting with GoPros the selfie pole actually stabilizes the look in the video since it has something in the foreground to not make your shots look shaky. I recommend poles for every person looking to capture video but I highly recommend this pole as it can do so much more!

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