Whats going on everybody I hope you are having a fantastic day! Today I am here to talk about a new awesome accessory for bike and GoPro.

It is Sandmarc new Aluminum Navy Bike Mount accessory.

I have used this mount for many other things than just on my bike but on the bike it captures amazing video and pictures. Having the camera positioned right off your handlebars is a great way to document some new trails or a weekend ride with your friends.

Made with an aluminum finish and aluminum thumbscrews you would expect nothing less than the best quality. The design of this product is honestly top notch and well thought out.

It extends out just enough to get over your pesky bike cables and get a clean shot. It also comes with a aluminum wrench tool which honestly I laughed at at first I got it, until the first time I tightened the thumbscrews and it was so tight it was the only way to get it off and now I use it every time.

It has a nice padding inside to grip your bike and not damage it. It has two sides to tighten and take a little time to screw it on firm but hold very well not sliding around

I put in a minimum of 20 miles a week bike riding and always have it strapped on my bike filming.

Thinking a little bit outside the box this product can also work in many different ways like being placed a thin roll bars, poles and other similar things to get great shots.

I have used it while riding Go Carts at an indoor race track and it came out with some awesome shots.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone into biking especially but it is just a nice accessory to have in your camera bag while our filming.