UK Pro 54HD Pole – Purchase Link

UK Pro 38 – Purchase Link

If you want to pick this pole up for yourself here are the links to purchase it!

Today I wanted to cover the largest pole I have shot with for my GoPro. It is made by a company called UKPro. They sell a bunch of awesome gear and different size poles as well.

The 54HD is by far the longest pole I have shot with to date. It collapses down to 22 and a half inches and extends up to 54 inches.

Now unlike smaller poles this pole is too large to fit into most average size backpacks. So just keep in mind you will need to strap it on the outside of your bags or carry it in most situations.

For how large this pole is, the 54HD is very lightweight! It is easy to strap onto a backpack and a perfect to addition to your camera gear.

The build quality has withstood some of the harsh environments I have put it in with ease. I have backpacked through the Grand Canyon with it on the outside of my bag and it barely shows wear and tear.

The bright colored handles are nice in helping you locate your pole easily. It has great twist locks that do not give at all when you tighten them in and are easy to lock and unlock.

I have taken it in both fresh and salt water which is handled great. This pole does not float but UKPro does sell some that do and I will places all the links to where you can check them out in the description.

I also get a lot of questions about maintenance after taking the poles into the water so make sure after you take it out to extend the pole fully and let it dry overnight. If you took it into salt water, extend it fully and sure you rinse it off well before letting it dry.

This is truly a great pole and different from the rest and others I own. You can really get a wide viewing area when you are out hiking, biking, snow boarding or whatever you are doing!